Thursday, December 1, 2016

advent - teentinymoments

today we start the countdown to Christmas.
a special time of the year not only for the kids, also as an adult something shifts, feels different...

a little something I heard on the radio this morning changed my plan for this advent-moments completely. the fact that we could be ripped out of this life just too quick and sudden, was so present and touched me more than usual...

so I decided yes, to share advent-moments again. at least this one. my plan was different, but would have asked for a lot of computer-time and I simply don't want to spend it.

I want to get out. do more of what feels good for me and especially with the people who are good for me. spreading the love we're to celebrate. trying as best as I can to relax in the special moments I might find myself in. keeping the musts and stress at the minimum, breathing me and my loved ones through.

I encourage you to do the same. I might share one or the other thing throughout this special time with you, or not. for sure I'll do my best to stay present in this very moment - to love and give, as that is when we're also open to receive!

be grateful, be happy, be present - enjoy!

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Gratitude 7/7

joining GratitudeWeek_2016

for warm, earthly colours
the earth beneath my feet
every breath to connect, to ground
to be healthy
the people that surround me, heal me, challenge me, fill me

be happy, be grateful - every day!