Sunday, February 3, 2013


this special time of the week, I love to share with you...

it all started with one girl feeling really poorly...
by Friday morning she was way better again, but as we woke up to a very rare rainy day in Cairo we just had to spend the day in the house - eating, playing, cooking and finally watching this!
as the girls had an early night, us grown ups could finally see this...oh, home sweet home :-)

I started Saturday with teaching yoga and the big girl was even well enough to come with me to take some yoga energy in.
back home I just had to make some mini-cupcakes, can't help it...
we ended with drinks and nibbles at the neighbours, celebrating a birthday, having a good time...

unfortunately the week started with the same girl feeling poorly again...more juice, more tea, more biscuits and Mum is off to get fresh flowers in the morning!

how's it going at yours?


  1. Oh sorry to hear that your little one is unwell...I hope she soon feels better.

  2. Fresh flowers always make a home brighter and make me feel better. Sending love and light to your home for quick healing!

    Love you're little space, I'm visiting from weekending.

  3. Mini cupcakes and flowers can never go wrong! Hope everyone is well again soon!